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This site has been developed to provide information on chemical-biological, critical infrastructure and personnel protection.  The risk to life and business operations posed by natural disasters, accidents, pandemic incidents, bio-terrorism and overt terrorist attacks can be mitigated by understanding the inherent vulnerabilities in existing infrastructure and operational procedures.  Our Data & Links section provide detailed information, tutorials and relevant web sites on these subjects.

DYCOR USA is a small business with the singular focus of providing our clients with the innovative solutions and leading edge equipment necessary to protect them in a world of evolving threats. 

We support government agencies and departments, commercial organizations, and public and private interests with world-class expertise in the following areas:

· Chemical and Biological Detection

· Bio-Surveillance/ area and facility monitoring

· Disease / pandemic monitoring

· Sensor integration

· Test and evaluation activities

· Assessment Services

· Integrated Asset Protection

Text Box: Dedicated to protecting client interests; at home and abroad
· Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

· Anti-terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP)

· System and facility survivability

· Special Services

· Pre-construction security consulting

· Blast/structural analysis

· Operational studies and analysis

· Training and exercises

We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about DYCOR USA’s services and equipment and how they can satisfy your unique requirements.