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Text Box: DYCOR USA helps secure critical organizations and infrastructure
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Text Box: Our Integrated Asset Protection (IAP) program is the key to all of our assessment and consulting efforts.  This methodology has been used successfully in over 150 engagements worldwide.    
 IAP combines physical security findings with investigations of mission and infrastructure requirements, process de-composition, structural integrity, and chemical and biological hazards; all reviewed against traditional and non-traditional threats.  IAP provides our clients with a very complete picture of their current protective posture.  Using this data we can provide cost effective recommendations to help mitigate vulnerabilities that may affect facilities, missions, and personnel.
 DYCOR’s recommendations for mitigation strategies are based on:
Years of professional and operational experience
Mature scientific and engineering practices
Computer-based modeling
State-of-the-art sensor applications
Economic and operational realities
 Our services are customized to the specific needs of our clients.  We can support unclassified and classified projects as your needs dictate.  All of our findings are tailored to provide your management and technical staff members with the correct level of detail in easy to understand, actionable language.
 DYCOR USA is helping protect our clients’ facilities, missions, and personnel at home and around the world.  
Please visit our Projects page to learn more about our applied assessment services.

 Text Box: DYCOR USA’s Integrated Asset Protection program combines operational, security, scientific, and engineering expertise to identify vulnerabilities across the widest range of possible threats.

Text Box: · Our Integrated Asset Protection program  is a mature, inter-disciplinary process
· Identifies vulnerabilities of facilities, operations, and systems across the entire range of potential threats
· Incorporates systemic analysis and cross-system dependencies to identify single points of failure
· DYCOR personnel established many of the operational protocols and manned the first JCS directed Force Protection assessment teams (JSIVA)
· Created and taught portions of the curriculum for the federal Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment (CIVA) course 
· Our assessment experience includes executive transportation, seaports, dams, airports, command and control facilities, communication hubs, military and intelligence facilities, and schools