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For Bio-Detection Triggers
Text Box:  ZERO false negatives or false positives during US government sponsored open air field trials
 Integrated alarming algorithms
 Able to maintain high sensitivity levels while minimizing false alarms
 Proven in numerous chamber and field trials
 Ruggedized for operational deployment


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Text Box: The Compact Fluorescent Laser Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (C-FLAPS) uses the XMX particle stream concentrator as the feed mechanism for rapid positive detection by the biological trigger unit.  A 405 nm laser diode in the trigger unit is used to illuminate components of living biological material (NADH and Riboflavin) and record results in two distinct wavelengths.  This process provides highly reliable detection results in real time, allowing operators to initiate sample collection and identification techniques to confirm or reject a biological threat condition. 
The resident CBNET alarming and control software enables C-FLAPS units to be deployed and remotely controlled from a standard laptop.  The software module relays instrument data providing a real time display of particle size, numbers, and fluorescence data.  The operator can vary parameters based on background conditions in order to minimize false alarms. 
C-FLAPS is equipped to communicate with command and control networks through an Ethernet port or as an option, via an on-board spread spectrum data radio operating within national communications frequency standards for North American regions.  The on-board radio unit operates in the 902928 MHz range and has a line of sight range of approximately 20 miles.  Adding to the reporting versatility of C-FLAPS is an embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) capability that provides position and time stamping information to any reported events.  The GPS receiver complies with the NMEA 0183 protocol standard.
The entire unit weighs just 68 pounds and can operate on voltages from 100240 VAC and 50 or 60 Hz. at temperatures from freezing to 104 F.  The environmental enclosure is designed to comply with Mil-Std 810F.  C-FLAPS has been repackaged to meet the mission and survivability demands of various users.