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   Text Box: DYCOR equipment and professional staff members have been instrumental in identifying outbreaks of Avian Influenza and supporting detection programs to protect U.S. troops and facilities.
  Text Box: XMX/2L-MIL air sampler used to collect Avian Flu samples
Text Box: DYCOR staff members have supported U.S. chemical and biological programs for over 20 years.  We’ve deployed with U.S. troops, responded to the anthrax threat against government offices, and have trained first responders on the realities of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). 
Our personnel work closely with the Departments of State, Defense, and Justice, as well as state and local governments to help ensure the safety of U.S. citizens. 
DYCOR’s scientists, engineers, and operators can help you refine your chem-bio detection requirements and determine the most effective sensor configuration to protect your resources.  Our solutions have addressed facility and area monitoring challenges and we’re ready to work with you on creating an integrated detection and reporting system. 
DYCOR equipment was built to work in the real world; handled by operators in protective gear, detecting threats out where they occur mixed with dust, smoke, rain and other elements not found in the lab.  The XMX was the only deployed device that successfully collected Avian Flu biological evidence from a North American outbreak.  Read the full government report on our Data & Links page. 
Those are just some of the reasons why our equipment is the backbone for the referee systems at chem-bio test ranges around the world.  
   Text Box: XMX/2L-MIL collects biological samples of Avian Flu 800 meters from the infectious source
XMX/2L-MIL now available on GSA schedule
USAF bio-environmental engineers integrate DYCOR equipment into their inventory and deploy systems worldwide
DYCOR scientists and engineers providing development support to the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Grounds, Whole System Live Agent Test (WSLAT) program
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     Dugway Proving Ground   
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