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Text Box: The XMX/2L-MIL is a high mass flow concentrator system designed to operate under harsh field conditions. This system processes and collects large concentrations of aerosols in the respirable range (1-10 microns in diameter), strips away large dust particles and small micro debris to concentrate the aerosols of interest.  The XMX can collect both wet and dry samples and can be operated in full MOPP protective clothing.  The XMX has only 2 moving parts reducing maintenance and ensuring a high MTBF.  This equipment is available on the GSA Schedule.
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 Text Box: The Compact Fluorescent Laser Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (C-FLAPS) uses the XMX particle stream concentrator as the feed mechanism for rapid positive detection by the biological trigger unit.  The unit uses a 405 nm laser diode to illuminate components of living biological material and record results in two distinct wavelengths.  This process provides highly reliable detection results in real time, allowing operators to initiate sample collection and identification techniques to confirm or reject a biological threat condition.
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  Text Box: The Environmental Stress Monitor is designed primarily for wear by individuals dressed in protective garments.  The ESM monitors critical physiological functions and alerts the wearer when their body reaches stress levels that may affect their duty performance or their physical health.
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