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Text Box: Analyzing today's complex navigation systems and modeling blast effects for a building still under design are just some of the special services that DYCOR USA provides to our clients




Text Box: Sometimes even the largest organizations need special expertise from external sources.  When the need arises, DYCOR USA’s professional staff are available to support your requirements.
Our pre-construction services have been used to evaluate building and campus designs.  Our recommendations address physical security concerns, structural response to explosions, occupant safety, and the redundancy or robustness of critical infrastructure.  Incorporating these elements into the design for initial construction can result in significant savings over post-construction modification costs.  We have also provided these same services to occupants of existing facilities.
We use a variety of modeling programs to represent blast effects on structures.  These models can be used for blasts occurring inside or outside of a facility.  Information related to glass hazards, structural collapse, and injuries to personnel are all part of the model output. 
DYCOR supports a wide range of studies and analysis activities.  Our unique experience base enables us to examine the details of operations relating to underground facilities, navigation and communication systems, mobile C4I, chem-bio sensing, and many other applications.  Information on some of our study and analysis activities is highlighted on our projects page.


 Text Box: Ascension Island ground station Pre-construction blast effects modeling
Text Box: · Our pre-construction security consulting helps designers include protective elements to maximize safety
· DYCOR engineers use sophisticated modeling tools to support blast and structural analysis studies
· We have unique expertise in hardened underground facilities and mobile C4I operations 
· Training and exercise support includes creating specialty course materials and exercise scenarios, providing controllers and performing post-exercise analysis