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   Global Positioning System (GPS)

 Text Box: Concerns over the potential vulnerabilities of GPS ground sites and system communications paths were raised by senior Department of Defense (DOD) officials.  DYCOR personnel travelled around the world assessing operations at these critical combat support facilities.  The project was completed ahead of schedule with findings and recommendations provided to Department of Defense and Air Force Space Command leadership for review and action.



 Technology Surprise

Text Box: Threats are constantly changing and becoming more complex and sophisticated.  DYCOR provided technical support to the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Future Threat program.  We examined commercial technologies that adversaries might modify and use as potential weapons.  Our efforts were focused on chemical and biological agent production and the modification of microwave sources to disrupt domestic data processing and communication systems.


   Executive Transportation Support 


Text Box: The protection and safe transport of our national leadership is an essential aspect of national security.  DYCOR USA’s professional staff members were among those selected to support this very important effort.  We provided unique expertise in the areas of mission analysis, communications, terrorist operations, life safety, and emergency management.  The findings from this project will help ensure the continued safe transport of our national leadership.

  Text Box: Whole System Live Agent Test (WSLAT)
Text Box: WSLAT is a “first of its kind” bio-containment test chamber designed for the US Army’s Desert Test Center at Dugway Proving Grounds.  It will support the testing of DOD bio-agent detection systems.  The chamber can contain live biological agents while supporting equipment tests that replicate actual environmental effects such as wind, moisture,  temperature, and obscurants.  DYCOR referee, dissemination, and control systems provide the heart for this new test chamber.  DYCOR was also responsible for conducting the initial suitability evaluation of the host facility including assessing anti-terrorism protective elements.



Text Box: A laboratory outside the US was in the design stage when concerns arose about the security of the facility.  DYCOR engineers reviewed the drawings and requirements for the facility and created computer models to replicate the building and infrastructure.  These models were used to determine the effects of various attacks on the facility or failures of the infrastructure.  Our recommendations were incorporated to improve safety, security, and the overall survivability of the laboratory.

Text Box: Pre-Construction Survivability Assessment