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    Text Box: Chemical and Biological Detection


  Text Box: · Scientific and operational analysis for area and facility monitoring, agent detection, and occupant warning
· GSA schedule equipment to support disease and pandemic collection and monitoring activities
· Integration of sensors into command and control networks  
· Sensor/detector test and evaluation support activities








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 Text Box: · DYCOR USA’s Integrated Asset Protection (IAP) program is a comprehensive assessment process designed to protect clients against the widest range of possible threats
· Critical Infrastructure Protection assessments look for the vulnerabilities in the systems that keep America running
· Anti-terrorism/Force Protection assessments support the Department of Defense and other organizations that have concerns over the safety of their personnel
· System and facility survivability assessments employ a process decomposition approach to identify single points of failure before an adversary can exploit them
Text Box: Assessment Services
     Assessment Services Info  

Text Box: · Pre-construction consulting helps clients integrate survivability, safety, and redundancy elements into designs to avoid costly retrofits
· Blast and structural analysis studies illustrate the impact of explosions in or near a facility and help planners formulate mitigation strategies
· Operational studies and analysis take an in-depth look at systems, equipment, and processes with the goal of improving performance
· Training and exercise support spans all our areas of expertise and includes construction and presentation of specialized training, building exercise scenarios, exercise management and post-event evaluations

Text Box: Special Services

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