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  Text Box: XMX/2L-MIL  Air Sampler
Available through GSA Contract 

Text Box: The XMX/2L-MIL was designed and built to meet the need for a rugged, weatherproof, outdoor aerosol collector.  Its design meets Mil-Std 810F rating and these units are deployed around the world with the USAF and other organizations. 
With a weight of under 38 pounds, the XMX can be moved easily by one person and set up or torn down in just 5 minutes.  The unit is easily operated while in full MOPP gear and because we’ve made disassemble uncomplicated, that means less work is required for decontamination. 
The intake air flow is rated at 530 standard liters per minute to provide optimal collection  capability.  The system has been designed to strip away large dust particles and very small micro debris to concentrate aerosols of interest.  The particles are impinged into a sample collection tube which can then be removed by the operator for subsequent analysis. 
Rugged—Reliable—Portable—Easy to Use 
XMX/2L-MIL is ready to support your aerosol collection requirements
Text Box: Designed to meet your performance standards under the harshest conditions, the XMX/2L-MIL provides the sample concentration users need while rejecting obscuring material.

Text Box: · Collects both wet and dry samples
· Easy operation—even when wearing full MOPP gear
· Very few moving parts ensuring extended MTBF
· Ideal for sample collections outdoors and in large indoor areas
· Concentrates respirable particles in the 1—10 micron range